September 28, 2022


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TikTok mom disguises healthy homemade breakfast as Happy Meal for kids

This TikTok mom disguised a healthy homemade breakfast for her kids as a Happy Meal! 

Looking for healthy breakfast options that your kids will be excited to eat? This Happy Meal breakfast hack from TikToker Shannon Doherty (@athomewithshannon) is the perfect solution. Doherty is a busy parent who enjoys sharing fun parenting hacks and activities. 

In one of her videos, Doherty shared how to make a healthy homemade version of a McDonald’s Happy Meal, and it’s a breakfast gamechanger. 

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The video begins with a shot of the playful Happy Meal boxes decked out with a smiley Connect Four-themed design, and the McDonald’s signature golden arch handles. When Doherty’s “kids asked for McDonald’s for breakfast,” she found a healthier compromise. 

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“I had my mom pick up the boxes and packaging so I could make little Happy Meals,” Doherty explains over footage of her tucking a squeezable yogurt, an orange, and a small paper pouch of Lucky Charms cereal into a Happy Meal box. 

But the fun doesn’t stop there! No Happy Meal from McDonald’s would be complete without toys. “Do you see their new toys?” Doherty exclaims over a shot of an adorable Monopoly toy.

“Oh my god, I’m obsessed,” she gushes over a clip of two of her children enjoying their homemade Happy Meal breakfasts. 

Many viewers were blown away by Doherty’s fast-food breakfast hack, not to mention her other clever content

“So, I have a great idea! You need to run an Airbnb meets bed and breakfast, but for moms only. We pay you to do the super cool stuff we see, and we take home valuable life hacks and inspiration,” complimented one admirer. 

“I didn’t realize they sell boxes and packaging?” exclaimed one excited user. 

“My kids have just been playing with the box for the pieces,” joked one viewer. 

“Bruh, I got Connect Four,” another user boasted, referencing their Happy Meal toy. 

Videos like Doherty’s are a terrific reminder that with a bit of creativity, breakfast can be healthy and fun!

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