July 6, 2022


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Thinking About Hiring Elder Care?

It can be difficult to see your parents grow from strong, young people into a frailer version of themselves. That is how life works, but it’s still not easy to accept, especially for your loved one.

Many times, the elderly still feel young at heart, but their bodies no longer cooperate. Their eyesight and hearing fade, getting up and down may be difficult or painful, and their coordination or walking ability may just not be what it used to be. However, this doesn’t always mean that it’s the end of their independence, or that you should send them to a home.

One thing that helps many elderly people through this aging stage of their life is the ability to stay in their own homes. There are plenty of ways to help your loved one to stay in a familiar, comfortable place, but to have a little assistance. The elderly may have a reduced ability to do things for themselves, but that doesn’t change their love for their neighborhood, yard, home, and the memories they have there.

If you or your siblings are unable to take care of your parents, don’t feel guilty. Burnout is real, and as much as you love them, you also likely have your own family, job, and other commitments. Luckily, there are many options for hiring elder care Woodinville WA that can help them get to doctor’s appointments, make sure they take their medications on time, bathe, and do general cleaning.

You still likely will have to check on them every day, but this may allow your check-in to occasionally be by phone, and allow you to enjoy your time together more instead of stressing about caring for physical needs like groceries, the house, and medical problems.

Most elder care companies offer the option of hiring a personal caretaker, and also additional visits from a certified nurse or nursing assistant who can help if there are medical issues present.