October 3, 2022


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Seattle U coach Jim Hayford resigns over alleged racial slur use

Seattle University men’s basketball coach Jim Hayford has resigned less than a week after players say he used a racial slur during a team scrimmage. Hayford was previously placed on administrative leave.

“It is clear to me that Coach Hayford is no longer able to effectively lead the team,” Seattle U athletic director Shaney Fink said in a release announcing the decision.

“Seattle University has initiated a review of the climate within the program,” she added. “We are committed to advancing an athletic community that is inclusively excellent. We will take additional steps to ensure any concerns within the program are addressed and that all our student athletes are seen, heard, and supported.”

According to Stadium‘s Jeff Goodman, who first reported the Hayford incident, it was not the first use of the n-word with his players. Another incident involving the coach repeating the word after its use occurred during the summer as well.