October 3, 2022


For First-Rate Health

Breakfast smoothie could help kickstart better eating habits

None of us needs to wait until the New Year of 2022 to begin practicing better and healthier eating habits — and a certain breakfast smoothie that we can prepare now in our own kitchens now might just be the answer to kickstarting smart, body-boosting habits.

During an appearance on Sunday morning on “Fox & Friends Weekend,” chef Ilana Eck of New York City’s Stylish Spoon shared tips for blending a smoothie using delicious and healthful ingredients that include fruit (fresh or frozen), grated ginger, and more.

For a “great immune-boosting, mood-boosting smoothie,” she suggests blending almond milk, spinach, pineapple, grated ginger, flaxseed meal, and bananas — then topping it all off in a bowl with a variety of healthy choices that include pomegranate seeds, even elderberry syrup. 

It’s a recipe, she said, that her own daughter came up with as a birthday gift to her.

Stylish Spoon on its website explains that it “obsessively source[s] the best ingredients to create each of our baked goods.”

Then, it adds, “we prepare these superfood ingredients in the most delicious and most nutritious ways, so you can eat good and feel good while enjoying your favorite treats.”

Eck says on her website that she was “inspired to create healthy treats like the ones my mom, Renée, used to make for me growing up. My mom was an excellent baker, and I spent many hours in the kitchen under her feet watching her bake whole-grain muffins and quick breads she sweetened naturally using honey, maple syrup, molasses, homemade apple sauce, or dates.”

Among its most popular recipes today, says Stylish Spoon, are a low-fat crustless spinach quiche; lemony kale quinoa spaghetti; and 10-minute baked pesto shrimp.

banana smoothies glass on wood table
Ilana Eck suggests blending almond milk, spinach, pineapple, grated ginger, flaxseed meal, and bananas.

Eck notes that a gluten-free diet has been extremely beneficial for her after she suffered stomach issues for many years. 

She completely overhauled her eating habits, she says on her website.

Eck also says, “I don’t make anything that I wouldn’t put in my body or feed my kids — only wholesome ingredients you can trust.”

For more about making a delicious morning smoothie with ingredients that Eck says work well for her, check out the video at the top of this article, or click here to access it.