September 28, 2022


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Biggest Health and Wellness Trends of The Last Decade | Ask The Experts

People doing gymnastics at fitness studio

People doing gymnastics at fitness studio

The past decade has been huge for health and wellness. We have seen the likes of the low carb/keto lifestyle, an emphasis on self-care, gut health, and everything in between. We have been eating less sugar, lifting weights, managing our nutrition through supplementation, and prioritizing bubble baths. Some trends will come and go, but some might be here to stay. Let’s review some of the most popular health and wellness trends we have seen over the last decade- which ones have become a habit for you?

Direct-To-Customer Wellness: Lower Cost and Prices

I’m obsessed with DTC marketplaces and how publishers are starting to own the relationships with the customer. I’m also really excited about disruptive business models that shake up entire industries and provide incredible value to customers. But, at the end of the day, product is everything. We’re really excited about the potential for one-click checkout at The Quality Edit and making the purchasing experience as seamless as possible so customers can purchase amazing brands directly within our content without ever leaving the site.


Lauren Kleinman, Co-founder The Quality Edit

Personalized Health: At Home Tests and Kits

The healthcare system is fundamentally broken. For most, it’s confusing, inefficient and almost everything costs too much. Understanding insurance, waiting for approvals, and figuring out how to get diabetes testing supplies for the best prices can be frustrating and time-consuming. People want to be able to test and have access to personalized products at the best prices. We deliver quality products conveniently and efficiently without a prescription, cutting out the middleman and giving customers agency over their health. People are more likely to take control of their health and wellness if they can order and test at home.

Michael Hennessy, Founder and CEO Diathrive

Plant-Based: Superfood Supplements


People are interested in quick energy that lasts without a crash, something easy and quick delivered to their door. Boosting energy, focus, and productivity are always on-trend. Who doesn’t want an ideal mental state to maximize their day? It is important that our products are free from preservatives and artificial sweeteners- no B.S.! It is just a natural tasting energy shot with clean ingredients that work.

Vincent Bradley, Co-founder and CEO Proper Wild

Reduced Carbon Footprint: Sustainable Products and Packaging

Glass is the new plastic, is infinitely recyclable, looks great, and breaks down into sand at the end of its life. In addition, innovative packaging helps the environment by reducing your carbon footprint and mono-print color minimizes the impact of chemical use. Recycling is easy for most and has been a way of life for years, but we provide our customers with home compostable pouches, reducing waste even before it hits the bin!

Lindsay McCormick, Founder and CEO Bite


Clean Food: Convenient and Accessible


Everyone is combating the weekly dread of grocery shopping and dinnertime indecision. People can’t live on take-out alone. We are all looking for a way to eat better, waste less, and consume more responsibly and reasonably. Food shopping is the first source of waste at the individual level, and it makes an impact on the environment and our health. People want more life and more future, for us, this starts with better food that is affordable and accessible to all, without pesticides and unprocessed. 

Jacques-Edouard Sabatier, Co-Founder and CEO JOW


Boutique Fitness: Small Gyms with Group Exercise Focus


Boutique fitness is a lifestyle habit for millennials who like self-care and have a solid disposable income. Peloton is trying to sell to the community via technology but it does not have the same energy of the group experience. There is no one to go out for coffee with after!

John Klein, Co-Founder, Pause

CBD: Terpene and Oils

CBD (Cannabidiol) is gaining momentum in the health and wellness world. CBD is a really appealing option for those looking for relief from pain and other symptoms without the mind-altering effects of marijuana or certain pharmaceutical drugs. Well-being is a daily practice to cultivate and create solutions to work with these incredible processes and restore balance when life – ultimately – interrupts. Our bodies are searching for calm, sleep, pain relief, and immune support. CBD truly has the power to do it all.

Sarah Pirrie, Brand Director Healist Naturals

Self-Care: Prioritizing Overall Happiness


Self-care has been trending up for the past five years. When we talk about self-care, we are talking about more than just pampering. Permission to engage in the prioritization of the self, as well as developing coping skills for life stressors, is what we’re all about. Different people prioritize self-care differently. I advise my clients to really dig into their specific wants and needs when thinking about how to integrate self-care into their own lives.

Emily Keeling, Founder Elle

On-Demand Wellness: Delivered To Your Door In Hours


In the last decade there has been a strong increase in telemedicine. Health and wellness resources have become much more accessible due to the availability of medical sessions or consultations to be conducted over the phone or video. Furthermore, this trend has become even more commonplace during the pandemic. Telemedicine is beneficial for many people, eliminating the time needed to commute.

Amber Theurer, Chief Marketing Officer ivee

Subscription Food Service: Recipe Meal Kits and Courses


Over the past ten years, more than ever, consumers have been looking to save time, mental energy, and effort. Fast food is a dying industry as people take control of their health and wellness with the available information thanks to social media platforms putting it at their fingertips. With access to video tutorials and fresh food hampers delivered to their home with all the ingredients needed, people can get a restaurant experience while still cooking for themselves at home.

Seb Evans, Co-Founder Banquist

Keto: Low Carb Lifestyle

We are waging war against poor health and a broken food system! As a country, we are spending over $3 trillion per year treating the symptoms of this inflammatory food system. We are in the midst of a food revolution and keto is the answer to growing consumer interest in health, wellness, clean eating, and diet. Ketones are an alternative fuel our body can use instead of sugar and carbs. This is not a new concept, but it is more widely known thanks to celebrity and chef endorsements. It has become mainstream.

William Schumacher, Founder and CEO Uprising Food

Shakes: Low-Calorie Meal Replacement

Meal replacement shakes are an easily digestible powerhouse combination of protein and rich fiber to help with satiety making it easy for the body to make the most of the nutrients available while also keeping you feeling satisfied between meals. Not only does this save time and money, but it helps people transition into a cleaner, healthier lifestyle with less anxiety and frustration. In addition, creating less confusion makes health and wellness more sustainable.

Tim Sharif, CEO & Founder 310 Nutrition

Digestive Health: Gut Healing

The gut microbiome is a complex system made up of several different types of bacteria, fungi, and yeasts. For a long time, scientists thought the digestive system was pretty straightforward, but it is now known that the gut microbiome is made up of several different types of bacteria, fungi, and yeasts—digestive health impacts the immune system, mental health, and several other systems in our bodies. Taking probiotics and digestive health supplements is vital to the flourishing of our gut health.

Ben Teicher, President and CEO Healthy Directions


Nutritional Supplementation: Mind and Body Support

Taking supplements to improve our nutrition and aid our body in its many processes has been a focus for decades, but cognitive support is joining the party as a complement, supporting the mind by providing the best blend for energy and focus. In the midst of this global pandemic, we felt helpless as we watched people all over the world lose the one thing that mattered most – their health. We wanted to make a difference, so we pivoted our team to create a marketplace where people could access the very best in nutrition, empowering our customers to take back what’s been lost and build the best versions of themselves.

Rachel Jones, Head of PR Hope Health